Play like a professional on your own Full Swing Golf simulator

Multiple Sport Games

Play Multiple Sports

Simulator Using Golf Equipment

Use Real Sport Equipment

Virtual Golfing Technology

State of the Art Technology

Golf With Friends

Elite Sport Simulator

Private & Residential

Endless Possibilities

  • 84+ courses & driving ranges
  • Golf mini-game competitions
  • More than Golf! Play 13 virtual sports

Perfect Escape

  • No travel and quick games
  • Play your dream round
  • Train like a professional

Entertain Friends

  • Social hub for friends
  • Entertainment for all ages
  • Watch movies or the big game

Fast Rounds

Most Profitable Square Footage

  • Drive food and beverage sales
  • Club-fitting that leads to sales
  • Rental fees & events for excellent ROI

Revitalise Your Space

  • Modernise your location
  • Operate at any time
  • Child and family friendly

Attract New Members & Business

  • Get ahead of the competition
  • Create leagues & tournaments
  • Generate & retain interest all year

Business Opportunities

Increase Revenue

  • Members come more often
  • Customers stay longer
  • Boost merchandise, food & drink sales

Operate All Year Round

  • Play through days, nights and weather
  • Top tier technology
  • Excellent ROI potential

Engage Your Members

  • Host tournament events
  • Establish leagues & competitions
  • Keep customers interested all year

Sport Simulators with Real World Accuracy

Virtual Golf Testimonial
Golf Hitting Data

The Hitting Area

Largest detection area available, ball is instantly located and ready to play.

Player Golf Data

Club Head Data

As you swing we capture your club head speed, path and face angle.

Golf Game Insights

Ball Flight

As your ball takes flight, the technology captures back spin, side spin/spin axis.

Accurate Sports Simulator

  • 13 Incredible Sports
  • Varied Challenges
  • Use your own equipment

Family Arcade Experience

  • Control Difficulty Settings
  • Learn or Coach From Home
  • Minigames like Zombie Attack

Getting the Right Sport Simulator

We work with you to deliver the perfect simulator solution for your space that friends, family & patrons will love.

We have experience installing sport simulators to all sorts of residential and commercial settings which means you’ll get the best simulator experience for your needs.


If you’re concerned about the amount of space required to install a residential sports simulator there is no need to worry. Our modular booth design offers the most compact, premium and full-feature sport simulator that also comes in widescreen models.


If you’re making a business investment or boosting the appeal of your club, we have sport simulator options that provides the most durable and stable setting for all of your practices, play and entertaining needs for years to come.

Residential Sport Simulator Virtual Sport Simulator

Pro & Pro Widescreen

Pro Simulator From $99,307 incl. GST
Pro Widescreen Simulator From $114,817 incl. GST

Pro & Pro Widescreen Simulator

The only simulator on the market that combines infrared technology with high-speed cameras working together to produce the most accurate ball flight trusted by Tour Champions around the world. The Pro Widescreen option is designed to provide the most immersive experience possible.

Sport & Sport Widescreen

Sports Simulator From $83,952 incl. GST
Sports Widescreen Simulator From $91,707 incl. GST

Sport & Sport Widescreen Simulator

Bring home a simulator with the best in class camera-based technology that measures your club at impact and your ball mid-flight to re-create the stunning visual experience you’ve seen on the Golf Channel. Experience the leading camera technology in sport simulators.

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