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 1 Player  30 Mins
  • Improve your game
  • Use real golf balls
  • Track your ball flight spin and distance perfectly

$20 per player

Fast Round

 2 Players  2 Hrs
  • No waiting for the group in front
  • BYO clubs or FREE hire
  • Enjoy the social atmosphere
  • Great range of food & beverages

$42.50 per player

Full Course

 4 Players  3 Hrs
  • 90 Championship courses
  • No walking between holes
  • No lost balls
  • Great range of food & beverages

$46.25 per player


Play amazing courses for a fraction of the price


0.5 hr

1.0 hr

1.5 hr

2.0 hr

2.5 hr






















Big Swing Golf Frankston is the most exciting entertainment venue in town, combining a relaxed atmosphere, state-of-the-art golf simulators, fully licensed bar with COLD beer and friendly staff.

Perfect for parties, corporate functions, or just a friendly catch-up with mates on a Friday night, we have all
your entertainment needs covered with our simulators offering 12 sports, including soccer, basketball, baseball and even arcade-style games like zombie dodgeball!

We're more than just golf and its all REAL, FUN & FAST!

Secure your spot and enjoy the ultimate indoor golf experience!


Local Sponsorship

Are you part of a local sports or social club?
Looking for a way to raise money for the club?
Or perhaps just looking for a venue for your next social function?

Big Swing Golf Frankston is here to help with generous sponsorship packages available to clubs located in Frankston, Langwarrin and the Mornington Peninsula.
Give Tom a call on 9781 5333 to discuss an option that suits your club!

Functions at Big Swing Golf Frankston

Host your next function with an activity your whole group will enjoy.

Big Swing Golf hosts every function imaginable. Birthdays, bucks nights, children's parties, team building events and more.

Play arcade target games or on a championship golf course around the world.

We tailor function packages with food and drink options to suit your group’s needs.

Contact us to plan your next function.



As Jack Nicklaus famously once said, “never be too proud to have a lesson, I’m not.” Whether you’re just starting out in this great game or striving to be better, don’t let bad habits get the best of you.

Andrew Bridge

Andrew Bridge

Andrew turned professional in 1997. He completed his traineeship in Sydney at RIverwood Golf Club, winning two trainee professional events.

Andrew then headed north to Darwin a a Club Professional at Gardens Park Golf Links. During that time he travelled to remote areas of the NT teaching people of all ages. Andrew also had his own weekly paper column called the Golf Dr's Tips, together with radio talk back "All Things Golf".

Andrew has been based in Melbourne for the last 8 years, working in the Frankston store serving golfers of the Peninsula. Andrews philosophy of teaching is to give the golfer a great understanding of the basics together with a sound pre shot routine to allow them the very best chance of a successful golfing career. The aid of video analysis will only enhance the knowledge of their swing.

Andrew is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after 5.30pm.

Lesson's start from $66 with packages available. For any enquiries or to book call 9781 5333


Listen to what our players have to say

"The Overlap Grip"

The overlap grip is the most widely used grip on the PGA tour. For Right-handed golfers, the overlap grip involves laying your pinky finger on your right hand over the top of your left hand, resting in between the index and middle finger on the left hand, as demonstrated below.

The key objective of any grip is the ensure that both palms oppose each other and work together as one unit. It might feel strange at first but gripping the club correctly is fundamental to a good golf swing. 

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 1

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 1

The Overlap Grip

"The Interlock Grip"

The image below demonstrates the interlock grip which is the preferred choice for Tiger Woods himself!

For a Right-handed golfer, the pinky finger on your right hand "interlocks" with the index finger of the left hand.

Perfecting the grip can have a significant impact on your golf game when done correctly as it greatly affects the setup when addressing the ball.

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 2

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 2

The Interlock Grip

"The Baseball Bat Grip"

The baseball bat grip is one of the least used grips, with the interlocking and overlap grips having far greater take-up, however for some people this feels more instinctual.

Regardless of which grip you choose to use, its important to get professional advice from your local pro to ensure your grip is allowing you to get the most out of your golf swing.

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 3

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 3

The Baseball Bat Grip

"Pre Shot Routine"

The Pre-Shot routine is vital for consistency in your golf game. Once you've chosen the club for your shot, take the time to stand back behind the ball, visualize the shot in your mind, and then step in and begin the process of addressing the ball.

Hold your club at waist height and arms out in front of your body, step in and tilt, and position the club down behind the ball. From there, look at a point between you and the target - this could be and old divot, leaf, twig or patch of grass on the ground. Align yourself (the club) to this point and once you're confident, build your stance and ball position.

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 4

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 4

Pre Shot Routine


Alignment is one of the most important parts of your pre-shot routine. Aligning yourself to your intended target is crucial so you improve your chances of hitting your target.

Make sure your feet, hips and shoulders are all parallel to your intended target line, along with the club face. It's like standing on a railway track, all parallel lines to your target.

Going through this procedure will have a massive improvement on your game as it leads to greater consistency. 

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 5

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 5


"Ball Position"

The following positions outline where you should be placing the ball for different clubs. These can vary depending on the lie of the ball.

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 5

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 5

Ball Position

"Backswing Position"

Try to aim for the end of the club to be pointing back to the ball at this position. If you can achieve this you are well on your way to success

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 6

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 6

Backswing Position

"Top of the backswing"

The image here demonstrates the top of the back swing position, whereby the club is slightly short of parallel and square to your target line.    

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 7

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 7

Top of the backswing

"Weight Shift"

Here we can see the position at the top of the backswing, where my weight has shifted to my right hand side (RHG), which is a pivotal position to start your downswing from

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 8

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 8

Weight Shift

"Impact Position"

The optimal impact position involves the left arm and hands being pressed forward, trapping the ball at impact as demonstrated below. The loft of the club will lift the ball. 

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 9

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 9

Impact Position

"Follow Through"

The follow through involves a balanced finished position. From behind, you can see all the spikes from my right foot visible as my weight has been transferred to my front foot.

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 10

Andy Bridge PGA - Golf Tip 10

Follow Through

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